The Alliance With Michael is a two-track mentoring and training program, designed to grow your business in an intensive and enjoyable way. When you enroll, you’ll be placed in the track that will help you achieve your specific and meaningful goals.


“Book Yourself Solid mentoring
is why I’ve been able to build my
business from zero to more than six
figures. I simply would not be as
successful as I am today without it.”

Lou Bortone


“As a yoga and meditation
instructor, I didn’t think six figures
was possible, until I studied with
Michael. But here I am, and on track
to double my 2012 income in 2013.”

Amy Port


“Within the first 3 months of learning
from Michael I filled my practice with
clients. 7 years later he is
still helping me reach my goals
and increase my income.”

Sydni Craig-Hart


“While working with Michael,
I was able to create a six figure
coaching business from scratch
in just over 12 months and have
continued to grow consistently.”

Holly Chantal


je nbutler“Michael,

I want to let you know what I’ve been up to lately…and all because of you:)

Although I don’t work the BYS system exclusively like so many of your other certified coaches, I work the system for myself and it’s paying off huge! I have spent this last year doing all the things you say about sales and marketing…give before you receive, participate first, introduce people, find a core strategy for yourself, build relationships, and more. I think of you everyday and often ask myself, “What would Michael tell me if he were here right now?”

I’ve been terrible on being on the calls because I have been so intrenched on working the business and system for myself. I don’t want you or Matthew to ever think I didn’t find value, I was just focused on the steps I needed at the time.

Let me update you:)

Since working with you I have quit my full-time job to focus solely on my business. Not something I would ever encourage others to do! I’ve had more courage, balls to the wall attitude with what I want and how I get it because I know I have the BYS system behind me. I’ve been building relationships, gaining clarity, and reading everyday BYS. It’s my bible:)

Since this summer I got in with the largest dental publication in the world, Dentaltown and basically sold myself on writing an article for them. I wrote it but the byline was placed under one of the regular writers. OK with me to do the work and he get the credit. Give before I receive. The article came out in August and I called it The Silent Killer of Dentistry. Within 3 weeks my phone was ringing and I was getting emails from dentists telling me how great the article was. Within 6 weeks of the article I had signed 4 new clients at my premium pricing of $12,000 for a year of coaching- my niche is stress management.

The article quickly went to the #1 viewed, requested, and commented article in Dentaltown’s history!!! That’s over 20 years of publications and I did that. I never would have tried before I worked with you. I was then asked to write a special edition of Dentaltown that included 4 article all around stress. It came out Nov. 4th. Again, people calling, emailing. I have 2 potential clients in my sales cycle and one I think is going to sign even today. Another $12,000. That’s $60,000 since end of August.

I’ve also been asked to speak at 2 national conventions, write for another dental publication, and do a few webinars for some professional partners.

Working with you, the price I paid, you’re right Michael…It’s worth 4 times what I paid you and 3 times what I paid plus travel costs.

Thank you Michael for being with me every day. I have big plans for 2014 and cannot wait to send you the next email letting you know I’ve achieved all my goals so far. That also includes incorporating the BYS system more into my coaching packages! Dentists need this stuff so bad you have no idea. They are very limited in their knowledge of sales and marketing while also needing those two cycles in their offices.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday this week. I wanted you to know one of the things I’m most grateful for is you.



Jen Butler, M.Ed., CPC, BCC
Jen Butler Coaching