Think a Target Market Is Limiting? Think Again.

This short, but poignant, blog post is written by one of my Elite Book Yourself Solid® Certified Coaches, Ana Melikian, Ph.D. She addresses one of the biggest objections we hear when suggesting a service business owner choose a very specific target market. Enjoy.

Explanation of target market

Many of my coaching clients provide services that are helpful for a wide range of people. When I work with them to focus on their target market, they often resist because they believe that narrowing their target audience limits their chances of getting new clients.

I understand their point of view.

One of my coaching programs is based on Positive Psychology. I designed this unique program to support my clients so they can cultivate and keep a positive mindset in spite of their many challenges and adversities.

I know that most people can benefit from a program like mine. Yet, if I don’t define a target market, I will have trouble to get booked solid. Let me explain why…

You Have Climbed the Mountain

Imagine a huge mountain. This mountain represents the many challenges your clients have to overcome. They are stuck and don’t know what to do next. Because you have already climbed the mountain, you know what’s possible. You know the benefits that people will get when they work with you.

Most of your potential clients are overwhelmed, have doubts, and fears. Your challenge is to connect with them at a deeper level. If you create marketing material that tries to match everyone’s needs, it is much more difficult to enroll the clients you want.

As a coach or consultant, you have to choose a place from which you want to begin to attract your clients. A client who starts off from the forested side of the mountain has a very different perspective from someone who starts from an arid desert valley. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes.

Identify and describe in detail their needs and desires from their unique and personal perspective, as you use their own words.

From that personalized connection you will start to attract a similar group of potential clients who identify with your unique style. It will be easier to understand and communicate how you can help them, as you create enough trust and credibility so they want to buy from you.

Learn From Your Own Experiences

Think about your own past experience when you bought a service or program. Remember how you felt when the person that led that program spoke to your feelings, needs, desires and aspirations. That person’s understanding of your exact wants and needs sealed the deal. If you repeat this process with your potential clients, you will build their trust and enroll them with ease. 

The Moral Is…

If you don’t have a target market, define one. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

Grab a copy of Book Yourself Solid Illustrated and do the exercises in the book. The Book Yourself Solid system will help you identify your target market and get you booked solid.

The author of this post, Ana Melikian, Ph.D, is an Elite Book Yourself Solid® Certified Coach who specializes in empowering coaches and consultants to get more clients online with ease and joy.