Improve Email Opt-In Conversion by 167%. Here’s How…

I recently wrote a post about how I increased email newsletter conversion by 76.5% on Now I’ve increased email newsletter sign up by 167% on Yes, that’s 167%.

As you can see, I’ve been doing focused website optimizing and I’ll have even more examples to share over the coming weeks and months. Today, I’m going to describe exactly what I did to increase my opt-in results by 167% on

I am using a process called A/B split testing. As a reminder, A/B split testing gives you an opportunity to test one version of a web page against another version of a web page. “A” refers to the original or baseline version of your page and “B” refers to the alternative or challenger version.

A/B split tests can be conducted on individual page elements such as a call-to-action, an offer, or a headline. They can also be used to compare completely different versions of a web page. The simplest and most cost effective way to start testing your website pages, to increase opt-in conversions and sales, is to test individual or specific elements as I did in the following example.

How the Test Worked

I used Google Website Optimizer (free) to test two different variations of Variation A

Half of the visitors to the site were shown this page. Variation B

The other half of the visitors where shown this page.

After the visiter clicked on the “Click Here” botton they were shown this page.

Which Test Won?

If you guessed Variation B, you’d be right. Variation B demonstrated a marked improvement over Variation 1. In fact, Variation B was proven to have a 98.6% chance of outperforming Variation A with an increase in email opt-ins by 167%. Wow. Do you realize how many more newsletter subscribers I can earn over weeks, months, and years with this second variation?

You probably guessed that Variation B would be more effective because it gives the visitor fewer options. Here’s the thing, however, I don’t typically like what are commonly refereed to as “squeeze” pages because I want to give visitors the opportunity to choose where they’d like to go and what they’d like to do. But, you can’t deny the results.

I should note, however, that Variation B does give the visitor the option to go to the home page or the blog instead of opting-in to receive the two free chapters of Book Yourself Solid along with the newsletter.

I’ll continue to test various elements of my sites and bring you the results. The next one I’ll detail will be a “social proof” test on

If you’ve run similar tests, tell me about them in the comments. If you haven’t yet run a split test, maybe you’d like to try one today?