How To Develop A Memorable And Unique Personal Brand (The Illustrated Guide)

So … a couple of days ago we talked about getting a clear understanding about why people buy what you’re selling.

I laid out my simple four-part formula for you, using a load of illustrations (created by Jocelyn Wallace) from my new book: Book Yourself Solid Illustrated (if you click that link, be sure to check out the insane launch bonuses!)

Today we’re going to build on that work, and forge your own unique and unforgettable personal brand identity. All the images in this post come from my new book, as well.

Having a strong personal brand identity is crucial. It’s how you distinguish yourself from everybody else.

There might be lots of other financial advisers out there, or small business consultants, or copywriters, or web designers … but there’s only one YOU. So let’s play that up!

After all … if you water yourself down too much there will be nothing left to get excited about …

The Book Yourself Solid 3-Step Formula For Building A Strong Personal Brand

Firstly, you need a “who and do what statement.”

Now, most service professionals will lead with their job title. But you don’t want to do that.

Instead of saying, for example, “I’m a business coach,” you want to build a two-part phrase around your TARGET MARKET and the SINGLE BIGGEST RESULT you offer them (see yesterday’s post if you need help with this).

So your who and do what statement, if you were a business coach, would be something like: “I help small business owners get more clients”

Secondly, you need a strong REASON for doing what you do. This is your (wait for it) “why you do it statement.”

Nobody in the world will have EXACTLY the same reason as you for why they do what they do, so this is your opportunity to let your best people know why you get up in the morning.

If your prospects resonate with your motivation – or they recognize something of themselves in you – then you’ll win trust quicker and differentiate yourself sooner.

Lastly – and this is one that you can have a lot of fun with – is your tagline.

Your tagline will be how you are truly known in the world. Every time you hear somebody refer to you and your tagline, you’ll cry tears of joy. It should be based on your why you do it statement, but stand alone in its own right. Mostly: it should be memorable.


It might take a little time to come up with your tagline, but if you brainstorm enough and allow yourself to have a lot of fun, the right one for you will come along.

My tagline is “The Guy To Call When You’re Tired Of Thinking Small.®” It represents everything I want to be known for … and you’ll notice that it doesn’t have much at all to do with my who and do what statement.

Your PERSONAL brand identity is so much more than just who you serve and what you help them do. It’s what makes you uniquely you. It’s an expression of what you stand for.

Think big when it comes to personal branding!
In Book Yourself Solid Illustrated there are a whole load of extra resources – including exercises and workbooks – for you to work out exactly how to position yourself in the market.