Book Yourself Solid is an established, world-renowned brand that thousands of business owners already enthusiastically and readily buy into … here’s how you can play a part.

If you are currently a business coach, or another kind of coach, or a future coach, or a business leader who coaches employees … or if you run a sales or corporate training company and want to add another string to your bow, be sure to spend 15 minutes right now to find out how Book Yourself Solid® can play a part in the rest of your career.

The Offer In A Nutshell

Become a licensed Book Yourself Solid coach and you’ll get:

  • Full Training: Comprehensive and ongoing training in the proprietary and world-famous Book Yourself Solid® systematic business-building and marketing methodology.
  • Unrestricted, Non-Exclusive License: A worldwide, territory-free license to sell Book Yourself Solid® coaching and training services, plus workshops, information products, presentations and keynotes. You can do it as your sole business, or, like many of our coaches, in addition to the services you already provide.
  • 24/7/365 Support: As a Book Yourself Solid® Insider, you’ll be a member of one of the world’s most supportive communities of six-figure business coaches. Our SOLE job is to take care of you, so that you can take care of your clients. That means weekly workshops, training and coaching sessions with some of the world’s best business coaches. And you’ll never be more than 48 hours away from talking to a real person who will help you grow your coaching business beyond what you ever thought was possible.

“We Don’t Work With YOUR Clients

Here at Book Yourself Solid HQ, we don’t work with your clients. Our job is to grow the brand and grow the family of coaches. 

We used to offer workshops, coaching, retreats, virtual seminars, conferences, training and all sorts of programs to service business owners.

And boy, were we booked solid! 

But now, we look after the people who look after the business owners. And if you’re a Book Yourself Solid Coach, then that’s YOU. 

I hope you’ll give us the opportunity to earn your trust!“

Michael Port, Founder, Book Yourself Solid®

Since 2003, more than 500,000 entrepreneurs around the world have benefitted from implementing Book Yourself Solid® into their businesses.  

More businesses are started every day today than at any point in history.

As a direct result, the business coaching profession is growing exponentially to cater to thesr entrepreneurs who need help and guidance in marketing, selling and running their businesses.

The Book Yourself Solid® licensing program provides professional and ethical coach training and certification to the highest of industry standards.

The proprietary Book Yourself Solid business development and marketing system can be used by any service business owner who is looking to get more clients, enjoy more success and spend more time on their business, and less time in it. Your clients will be hungry for this material.

So, whether you are an experienced business coach, or just getting started in your coaching career, becoming a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach may be an opportunity for you.

How To Find Out More

The next steps are very simple.

First, simply fill out the form below. We’ll send you the most up-to-date information pack on the licensing program, which includes full details about the investment, our promises to you, what to expect as a licensed coach and more.

If it looks like something you are interested in pursuing, you’ll then have the option of scheduling a brief chat with one of the senior coaches on our team, to see if it’s the right thing for you and the right thing for us.

(Of course we are interested in making the family big and strong, but we don’t accept everybody. Typically, if the investment makes you uncomfortable, or if you need “convincing” then we’ll suggest a rain check! Also, we live and die by our reputation, so if you’re a proud felon, snake-oil peddlar or worse … then we’ll probably suggest a cup of tea instead of a professional relationship.)

If you have any problems or if you need any help with the process, you can send an email at any time to