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Megan Apple

Helping small business owners transform their companies to get booked solid to create more revenue, make things happen and have more fun.

Does this sound familiar? You own a small business. Perhaps you are a service professional, coach or consultant with a passion and vision for what you want your business to become.

Great at what you do - with no idea how to attract more clients. You want to grow, but lack the tools, strategies and a plan to make it happen. You may even have a successful business but know you can do better. Or perhaps you have always wanted your own business but don't know how to start.

You are brilliant. And you need us. We help our clients make things happen, get booked solid, create more revenue, and have more fun in their business.

We have your back because not only do we help you create a plan , we help you get the results you want by staying around to help you implement the actions you need to grow your company. You get the results. We handle the details.

Likewise, sometimes you need a little help to get back on track, create a plan for your life, develop additional skills and have someone that can be in your corner helping you make things happen for you and your life. The coaching programs we offer include life coaching, executive/leadership coaching and help in building emotional intelligence skills.

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