Todays best resources for small business marketing.

Small business coach and marketing expert, Michael Port, has compiled a list of the very best resources for growing your business with smarter marketing and smarter lead generation techniques. Review, enjoy and come back again and again were always adding new smarter marketing & lead generation resources.

Small Business Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales, and E-Commerce Resources

Our top-notch smarter marketing & lead generation gems that you need.

Small business coach, Michael Port, has spent years learning about small business marketing. During this time, hes been compiling the very best resources, the ones that truly make a difference, the cream of the crop. Thats what youll find in this section. This entire page has many resources for your small business marketing efforts, but youll use smarter marketing with these must-have resources. Its been tweaked, enhanced and edited again and again to give you the best list to give you the best use of your time and money. Enjoy!! Get the best Small Business Marketing & Lead Generation Resources

Recommended Reading for Smarter Marketing, Lead Generation, and Small Business Marketing

Our top-notch list of books to implement a smarter marketing plan.

Looking for a good book to read? Look no further! Heres the best list of smarter marketing , lead generation and small business marketing books. Small business coach, Michael Port, has pulled together his favorite must reads, dont miss out. Your competition may be checking out the list! Check out Smart Marketing & Networking books

Website Design & Graphic Design

Every business needs a professional image and these resources can help you get it.

What people see when you arent there is vital. To ensure every customer interface conveys the professionalism you truly possess, consider these resources for your website Website Design & Graphic Design

Social Media Marketing and Blogging Tools

Social Media Marketing is the latest trend in online marketing.  Get the scoop here.

If you are using social media marketing, blogging, podcasting and creating audios for your small business marketing plan, or thinking about it, here are the social media marketing tools you can use. Read More about Small Business Social Media Marketing, Blogging and Podcasting Resources

Small Business Management & Office Support/Help

Do what youre good at, get help with everything else.

Youre a small business owner. Likely you are your product, you probably do not have time to do everything all on your own youll have business burnout in no time. Instead, get help for the things you dont have time for with a virtual assistant, professional printer, online scheduler and more! Get the scoop on Business Management & Office Support/Help

Small Business Legal Resources

One-stop shop for legal websites for small business owners.

Looking for trademark info? Want to file for an LLC? Were not lawyers, but we have compiled a list of legal websites that small business owners and solopreneurs need. When youre looking for legal information for your small business, check out this page, well get you to the right place online. Get our Small Business Legal Resources

Professional Speaking Resources

The best info for professional speaker wannabes youll be in front of an audience in no time.

How do you market yourself? What goes in a bio? Whats a speaker sheet? Struggle with these mysteries no more! Small business coach, Michael Port, gives you the inside scoop. Michael didnt know all these when he started, but Michael loves to pass on knowledge. This is where youll get the guidance and examples so your professional speaking career starts off with a smarter marketing plan that will grow your business and take your lead generation efforts to the next level. Check Our Exclusive Professional Speaking Resources

Small Business Public Relations Resources

Public relations is vital for any business, learn how to do it right the first time.

Your public relations efforts can make or break your business. It can take you to the top at warp speed when handled strategically, and it can get you out of jam when you need it. You dont have many chances when it comes to the media, so check out our recommended public relations resources to make sure you do it right, the first time. View our Recommended Public Relations Resources

Small Business Trade Publications

Stay on top of the latest trends and industry news with the right publications.

Trade publications can keep you up to speed with whats going on, and they can also give you recommendations and leads! And they often publish industry research that can help in your small business marketing and business plan. Because theyre publications, you get it all, delivered right to you. Thats smarter marketing and its time efficient, too! Check out our Recommended Small Business Trade Publications

Business & Trade Associations

Increase your network and improve lead generation with associations.

Associations are excellent for mingling with others in your profession and learning whats going on. Wondering which associations may be more valuable than others? Check our list of recommended associations to see if any may add value to your small business networking efforts. Get our list of Recommended Associations