[FREE TEMPLATE] 4 Simple Steps to Build Your Network

When most people think of networking, they think of it as something you do to meet new people. However, just for the purpose of this post, let’s define networking as ‘developing deeper relationships with people you already know’ and direct outreach to mean ‘meeting people that you don’t yet know but would like to know’.

Of course, ultimately, it doesn’t really matter which words you use but, rather, that you make a distinction between meeting new people and staying connected with the people you already know.

If you make this important distinction, it can help you stay focused on each area specifically and deliberately. To that end, there are four simple but meaningful daily action steps that will build your network and get you booked solid.

For the better part of the last year, I’ve been building a software platform called Solid.ly that will help you do your networking and direct outreach. You can sign up for the beta.

In the meantime, here is a TEMPLATE, created by my client, Lauchlan Mackinnon, that you can use, not only to manage your networking and direct outreach but also to help increase the number of referrals you receive.

Direct Outreach with the List of 20™

Again, think of direct outreach as reaching out to the people you do not yet know but would like to know.

I am not talking about the Oprah’s of the world, although hanging out with Oprah would certainly be good for business. No, I am talking about the people that are closer to you—people in your industry who can open doors for you, people that you can actually, and relatively easily, get to.

For example:

  • If you want to get booked to speak, you might want to reach out to certain meeting planners.
  • If you want to get booked to write articles, you might want to reach out to certain editors.
  • If you want to develop your reputation as a blogger, you might want to reach out to influential bloggers in your field.

Create, what I call, a List of 20™. This list is made up of 20 people that you’d like to know but do not yet know.

Of course, if 20 people do not come to mind right now, just start where you are: one, two three, whatever.

Why 20? Constraining your list to 20 people ensures that it’s small enough to focus carefully on each person but still large enough to keep your focus ever expanding on new opportunities.

Reach out to one person each day.

What do you do with this list? Simple. Reach out to one person on this list each day. NOT to ask for a favor or to meet for coffee but to express appreciation for them and their work.

  • Write a blog post about them or comment on a blog post that they wrote.
  • Retweet a few of their Tweets or Tweet about them or to them.
  • Even better, write a SHORT (under 5 lines) email or handwritten note to them telling them why they rock (FYI: long letters make us think you’re going to be a time suck or, worse, might be a little bit crazy).

The key is not asking anything of these people.

Winston Churchill said, “It’s a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a time.” I believe building relationships is the same way.

So, if there is someone you’d like to get to know, don’t call them and ask to meet for a cup of coffee. You’re probably not (yet) relevant to them unless they have some prior connection to you or have a higher professional status then they do. Remember, “Only one link in the chain of destiny at a time.”

After you reach out to the person on the top of the list, put them on the bottom of the list. The person that you reached out today goes from number one to number twenty. The person who was number twenty becomes number nineteen and the person who was number two advances to the number one spot.

(The TEMPLATE, created by Lauchlan Mackinnon, will help you keep it organized and flowing until the beta of Solid.ly is open.)

Then, tomorrow, reach out to the next person at the top of the list. Do this every single business day. This way, each day you are connecting with, at least, one person on your List of 20™.  Over the course of one month, you’ll have connected with every person on your List of 20™.

Can you spare 10 minutes a day?

How long should this take you? About 5 to 10 minutes a day.

Of course, if you develop a strong connection right away and your relationship starts to build quickly then you take them off your List of 20™ and add them to what I call your Network of 90™.

Networking with the Network of 90™

Remember, for the purpose of this exercise think about networking as ‘developing deeper relationships with the people you already know’.

The reason I suggest you keep a Network of 90™ is because it will help you focus on a specific, manageable, number of relevant contacts. These are people you already know (or have met) that you’d like to stay in touch with and continue to build stronger relationships.

If you focus on the most relevant ninety people in your network along with the twenty people on your List of 20, then you stay below Dunbar’s number of 150 which is a theoretical cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships.

You don’t need to know a million people, just the right people who can put business opportunities in front of you. Your job is to earn that business.

Now you’ve got your Network of 90™. And, as you might remember from the beginning of this article, I suggested that you do four things each day to build your network and get booked solid.

The first was to reach out to one person on your List of 20™ each day. The second, third, and fourth daily action steps will bring you closer to the people in your Network of 90™.

Share who you know.

Start by introducing two people in your network who do not yet know each other but might find each other relevant (personally or professionally) and appreciate the introduction.

You might have two people in your Network of 90™ who are scratch golfers and they live close to each other. Golfers are always looking for a 4th but they want somebody at their own level. So you might introduce them.

If you are nervous about whether or not you should make the introduction, you might ask each one individually, “I would love to introduce you to a good friend of mine who is also a scratch golfer, would you like me to?”

Or, maybe you know two people that are in the publishing industry or two people in the real estate industry. Both would present excellent opportunities for making an introduction.

Generally, business owners and executives want to continue to move forward in their careers and, to do so, they know it’s essential to meet new people. As a result, 9.9 times out of 10 they are going to say “Oh, yes, please do introduce me. Thank you!”

Note: When you make the introduction, share only professional, public contact information unless it’s requested that you share private contact information instead.

Share what you know.

Next, each day, share some useful or helpful information with at least one person in your Network of 90™. The easiest way to do this is by reading articles in online magazines, journals, and blogs, the ones that are most relevant to your network.

When you see an article that is relevant to one of the people in your network, send it to them via email and say:

Hey, Jennifer, I just read this article and I immediately thought of you. It’s about ‘this’ and I know you’re very interested in ‘that’ so I thought you might find it valuable. Have you read it? What do you think?

Now you can get into a conversation with her about the subject matter and, as a result, develop your relationship.

Let’s recap quickly on what we’ve learned thus far. Each day:

  1. Reach out to one person on your List of 20™.
  2. Introduce two people in your Network of 90™.
  3. Share some information that is useful to one person in your Network of 90™.

Share your compassion.

And, finally, share compassion with somebody in your network every day by calling or writing. If you get their voicemail simply say:

I was thinking about you and I know that you are really working hard on your business right now. I just wanted to say if you ever need any support I am here because I just have so much respect for what you are doing.

Or, if you know somebody is going through a tough time, sometimes the most relevant thing to do is to just go and sit with them.

We make the assumption that networking is quid pro quo and that our reputation is based only on the work we do, but it’s not. It’s based on who we are and how we take care of the people around us.

If you take these four simple (yet meaningful) steps every single day and stay relevant to the people with whom you want to build better relationships, then you are going to be top of mind when they think of someone who provides the kind of products and services that you do.

Worried? Don’t be.

This is pretty simple to do, isn’t it? Worried about tracking it all? Don’t be.

Solid.ly will be here soon and you can sign up for free access to the beta now.

In the meantime, use this great TEMPLATE.

Many thanks to my favorite client, Lauchlan Mackinnon, for creating it (all my clients are my favorites).

48 thoughts on “[FREE TEMPLATE] 4 Simple Steps to Build Your Network

Coach Wess Murray


Such a great concept!

This post has single-handedly taken away my excuse of ‘It’s to difficult to develop and follow up with my network’.

I am going to work my list TONIGHT. 🙂

Thanks again

Adrian Miller

Hi. Thanks for this. I’m an active networker and have built my 24 year old consulting business using many of the techniques that you identify here. I made 15-20 introductions and connections per day, run my own networking community comprised of 200+ professionals and live by the rule of the “three I’s”: information, introductions, invitations. Use any/all of these three as the backbone of your networking and how you stay on the grid and you are golden.

Cheryl Heppard

I love that you point out the ineffectiveness of inviting a stranger to acquaintance to coffee or lunch. It’s very awkward for the invitee to decline the invitation, and somewhat annoying.

A better approach is to reach out and ask how you can help them. This is a much more heart centered and attention getting approach that builds relationships faster. Ask if they have anything you can help promote, such as an upcoming teleclass or event, or even a blog post you can share with your list.

Jim Harris

What template? Every link I click takes me in circles but no template. Poor web design execution.

Michael Port

Jim, we’ve tested the link in all browsers and we haven’t had any trouble. Nonetheless, I’m sorry you had trouble downloading the template. Here is a direct link: http://www.bookyourselfsolid.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Michael_Ports_Network_of_90_and_List_of_20.xls

Hope that helps.

In the future, would you be so kind as to make a comment asking for help rather than posting a comment like, “Poor web design execution.” It makes the people who work hard to bring you this content feel bad.

Cheryl Miller

Right on Michael.

John Burt

@ Jim
The whole article is a template for action.. you’re not supposed to be seeing .xls sheet I believe

Thomas Mangum

This is always my favorite part of BYS. Connecting, networking…really making a difference by sharing knowledge, resources, and compassion!

Sharing a couple connections with someone can radically change a life…I know it has for me and I will most certainly do whatever I can to pass that forward.

Sharing compassion is by far the most under appreciated and skipped piece in networking and I suspect the most memorable. Because when one is there for another, simply to listen and be present, it imprints deeply.

You’re top of mind. THOSE are the moments that are remembered and when people feel that you care, they tend to remember and care a bit more about what you do down the road.

ahhhhh LOVE this.

Maureen Wielansky


Wow; I feel so good about taking these steps everyday; I have such phone phobia yet when I come from a place of connecting and helping in order to build relationships, it makes me all giddy!

Thank you and I love your templates!

Johnell McCauley

Thank you for sharing this and keeping it simple. It quickly takes you for overwhelm to action in an easy to follow step by step process that anyone can do. It also is a great reminder that it is all about relationships not numbers, which is key to meaningful connections.


No qutiseon this is the place to get this info, thanks y’all.

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You know what, I’m very much inclined to agree.


I can’t get it to open???

Michael Port

Hi Wendi! Here is the direct link: http://www.bookyourselfsolid.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Michael_Ports_Network_of_90_and_List_of_20.xls

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Margaret Agard

Excellent material. I’ve been focusing on gratitude and “who have I helped” lately as a way of enjoying both my life and business. This pulls it all together in one easy to fit it in method

Lance Sonka

Now this is a solid share! Thank you Michael and Lauchlan for being generous with your expertise

Eleanor Anne Sweet - Executive Job Search Expert Coach

Grat tool and great blog. You are so right, you need to keep working at it on a daily basis. I am going to use your tool to keep me motivated every day on working on my marketing campagin for my book launch. You are a true giver. Have a wonderful day! Eleanor Anne Sweet

Michael Port

That’s wonderful Eleanor. You’ll do great!

Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA @Cerebrations.biz

This was a great share, Michael. And, well elucidated.
Thanks- it’s been great to meet you.

Michael Port

Thank you Roy! Great to meet you too.


Thank you for this information. I was able to download the templates and the blog is so informative. I’m starting this today!!

Susanna Crofton

Thanks,I have just received my real estate license so this will be very useful!


Great information Michael. Thanks.

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Kerry Hargraves

I love how you separated networking from outreach. That makes so much sense. And how to build and manage each of the lists ! This will be very helpful and I’m putting it into use right away.

Thank you

Joan Bell

Thank you both. Simple, Effective, Do-able, love it!

Phil Owens

Dear Michael,

Connecting from a place of abundance – I love it. A great reminder to get away from the ‘distractors’ of running a business and to get back to those things that make a difference. Thanks for your abundance!

Rosanne Licata

Dear Michael:

Thanks. Just thanks.

Twyla Dell

Is this for PCs only? I can’t get my new Mac to open this. First there are instructions about returning Power Point to Office and then I go to Office and a too long message in some gibberish makes it further impossible for me. I know I’m missing something here. Any help?

Am eager to get started. Best, TD

Michael Port

That’s wild. It’s just a regular excel sheet. Huh. A few other people have had problems and we really can’t figure out why. Does this direct link help you: http://www.bookyourselfsolid.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Michael_Ports_Network_of_90_and_List_of_20.xls. For me, I can right click and download by selecting “save as” or, if I I’m logged in to Google Docs and click directly on the link, it opens in Google Docs. You might also consider copying and pasting the link directly into your browser address bar.

Stacey Ashton

A big, huge, THANK YOU!


I make it a habit to reach out to at least one person per day. Whether it’s a prospect, client or COI, it makes sense to be proactive and stay in action with your database.


Thanks! I just started compiling my list of 90 🙂

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Direction You

Thanks for this.

Came across this document and found it a great reminder of how to use the BYS networking system!

Chris B

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