When we think small, we bury our true nature under fat layers of persona— professional, personal, web-related, and other temporary disguises.

We become a doctor because our mother or father was one, and though it is a worthy career, maybe it is not the one we would have chosen. Maybe I want to be a professional rock climber or a cellist. Maybe you want to be a sculptor or a translator. But no one supports us in this calling. Instead of following what our instinct, our spirit tells us, we follow what others tell us to do. By resisting ourselves, we create our own condition of scarcity.

What do you resist in yourself?

When we resist ourselves we create false scarcity: I’m not enough. I’m not as good as… [pick a name]. It’s too hard. There’s no time. I can’t start because I don’t know how it will end. When we focus on what we are not, what we do not have, and what we do not (and often cannot) know, we focus on a self-induced scarcity.

Each of us is naturally abundant. To exist is abundant. Look inside and see the glory of who you are—more than good enough. Instead, we look outside ourselves for the externally generated justification and gratification we think we need in order to matter, to be important, but that we can never fully get from someone else.

We cannot (must not) wait for other people to tell us that we’re worthwhile.

I exist. You exist. We are. We are already important. We don’t need someone else to tell us so. We have something to offer the world. We are the person we’ve been waiting for.