Easy Problem Solving

Problem solving is your job. As a small business owner or professional service provider, each day you get up to face new problems. That’s OK, if you accept that problem solving is one of the top line items of the job description of a small business owner.

Of course, you don’t want to spend all your time solving programs. No, you want to book business and do great work. You want to work with ideal clients and get paid handsomely to boot.

Problem Solving Resources

This list of problem solving resources will ignite your passion for solving the problems you face and, as a result, help you accomplish your dreams.

How To Solve Your Problems

This list of problem solving resources will help you deal with criticism, increase your confidence, move on from ideas that aren’t working, embrace change, start what you finish and more.


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Easy Problem Solving http://t.co/sQ0lqqs – Great list of problem solving Resources – Thanks @MichaelPort ♥

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