Looking back on my life, there isn’t much I regret. I live by the saying, “The measure of  a man is not how well he starts, but how well he finishes.”

But, there is one thing. I regret not finishing my acting career. I threw up my hands and quit. I was so close. I was right on the cusp of big time success…and I quit.

In 1997, I was a 20-something earning a living as an actor. That put me in the top 1% of the Screen Actors Guild. I put everything into my acting career. I attended one of the best graduate schools in the country. I had a great agent. I was guest starring roles on most of the TV shows you know.

Nonetheless, I quit. I couldn’t take the rejection. I didn’t like waiting around or leaving my future in the hands of others. And, to be brutally honest, I had the idea in my head that people look down on actors. So, I gave up and quit.

I remember the day I told my agent. I heard a thunk (quite literally) when her jaw hit the floor. She knew how close I was. Far more so than I did, because I didn’t do that last little bit to go forward. I was right at the cusp of going from working actor to big time actor.

I tell you this story–and, it’s not one I often tell–because I don’t want you to look back on your life and have a shred of regret. I don’t want you to quit…whatever it is you’re doing…unless you have a more important dream. Then quit the worthless thing and pursue the worthwhile thing.

It takes far more fortitude to finish something than it does to start it.

Now, it’s likely you are feeling pressure in the business you started. You may feel stalled, waiting and just hoping for your big break to come. The economy is contracted. Lots of people are starting to feel tired. But, we cannot quit. We will not give up.

Sure, you might say, it’s easier for me because I’ve been doing this for some time and have a “brand” name in my field. But I, too, am working harder than I ever have before to find new way to innovate, build the business, extend my brand and be of service to you. I want to help you do the same.

You’ve heard that frightening statistic out there that more than 80% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years. It’s true. However, the common perception is that these businesses fail because the marketplace is so competitive and success is like a blip over the horizon. But, I see it differently.

I think 80% of business owners fail in the first 5 years because they haven’t made a non-reversible, do whatever it takes, no holds barred, beyond a shadow of a doubt, absolutely no going back, stick to it like super glue commitment to finishing what they start–to make their business work.

Think bigger about what you want to start and finish in the world. Carry on. Get more clients. Make all the money you desire and deserve. I know you can do it. But, you’ve got to make a non-reversible commitment to yourself, your family and your business, right now. I love to serve and support you.