When people apply to join my Alliance program, the final question on the application form is:

If you could be a superhero, which one would you choose and why?

Now, it’s not an obligatory question, but up until now anybody who has been accepted into the Alliance has always answered with a well thought-out reply.

Guess who is the most popular superhero among entrepreneurs? 

It’s not Superman, although a few people have mentioned him. They like the flying, mainly, and the laser-vision, and the spandex, I guess.

Some of the woman have opted for Wonder Woman, but that’s indicative of a lack of female superhero role-models more than anything else.

Most entrepreneurs that join me in my year-long mastermind program choose one superhero above all others.

That superhero?


Seriously. I crunched the numbers and the Caped Crusader came out on top. Hands down. No competition.

Here’s why:

  • He has no special powers. (He does, however, have a cool outfit.)
  • Instead of super powers, he makes use of his intellect, mental capacity, fearlessness and acute sense of social justice. He needs to create solutions to let him do his job to the best of his ability.
  • But he knows he can’t do it alone, so he has a team he counts on for everything. They’ve got his back. They send him information and look after the stuff he’s too busy to deal with himself. (I.e. Commissioner James Gordon, Alfred, Robin, and a host of other superhero types including but not limited to, Batgirl, Elongated Man, The Huntress, and Ace the Bat-Hound.
  • He develops and uses proprietary technology to enable him to do his job quickly and effectively. (Batmobile, Batsuit, etc.)
  • And, finally, when he’s not out battling the bad-guys, he’s the uber-successful entrepreneur, Bruce Wayne, a man of many resources who spends large parts of his wealth and time on philanthropic missions.

How about that for the ideal entrepreneurial profile?

I’m meeting with my own personal superheroes in the bat-cave next week for one of our Alliance gatherings.

If you need a Commissioner Gordon, a Robin, an Alfred, and a Batgirl to cover your back, you’ve got it. Click here to join us.

So, tell me… who’s your favorite superhero and why? 



Ali R. Rodriguez

LOVE it! The superhero, all for the right reasons, though I was always enamored with his ability to see through the night, and even the “dark-side’ in others, and still be a “Humanitarian Visionary.” That’s the sexy part of him, his love for humanity and justice.


I must add… I can only imagine all those wonderful and sexy leaders attending your Alliance next week. Way to go, dearest CAPE CRUSADERS. ♥

Stacey Harris

I adore Wonder Woman, and not just because of the lack of amazing female superheros. I love Wonder Women because although she is sexy and strong, she’s also very intelligent. She uses her mind and always remembers what is right.

Also I would really enjoy borrowing the lasso of truth from time to time.

Thanks for a great post!


For woman superhero’s wow how about Oprah, Prince Ranier, Margaret Trudeau Ellen Degeneres for a few well rounded heros and never forget Mother Theresa

paco cetina

I have always liked Batman, really, is funny now you put it this way It totally makes sense why. Entrepeneur, humanitarian, creative, a guy that knows that collaboration is the key to figuring out things. So, totally agree with you!

Lisa Rothstein

Holy metaphor, Batman! This was a seriously great post!


Denise Zdunczyk

The Wonder Twins are my favorite superhero(s). They worked together, touched hands, and transformed into something more than either could be by themselves. Oh, and I’m also a twin 🙂

Marc R. Enriquez

I knew I was going to like this post. -=]

I have to agree, and I’d like to add this, as a true Batman fan since childhood:

Batman has absolute clarity and dedication of purpose. He himself has stated that Bruce Wayne is really the alter ego – he’s the Batman through and through.

And, as he’s faced countless challenges that have often seemed impossible for any one man to overcome he’s always relied on two things: his ingenuity and his team.

Thanks for the fun post, Michael!

(And here’s to all our success!)


Susan Baroncini-Moe

Awesome post, Michael! Love the topic…but I’d argue that Tony Stark is perhaps the more entrepreneurial, though frankly, both inherited substantial estates. I’d love to find an entrepreneur in comics who has a real rags-to-riches story. 😀

Brian Ward

WonderWoman is so under rated! Did you know that Dr. William Moulston Marston, the creator of WonderWoman also created the lie detector test and the DISC Personality Model? Entrepreneurs are always in search of the truth behind success…I choose WW!


I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.

I barely even needed to follow the link…not that I didn’t want to! Personally, I like how more powerful beings tend to underestimate a ‘mere human’ like Master Wayne, a tendency he’s more than willing and able to turn to his own advantage…

As for others…Danny Rand-K’ai, aka the self-made kung fu superhero, Iron Fist? Great as a metaphor for true mastery. But when I’m feeling a little alienated, it’s gotta be the gritty and goetically-inclined John Constantine. More an anti-hero, really. But hey, sometimes you just want to see a bona fide lost soul outsmart the dark princes of the infernal pit…

Charles Miske

I anticipated Batman – when we have informal polls among the tech staff here it’s usually Batman for all the reasons given. Though some of the tech guys add in the Gray-Area morality issues from the movies… 😀


Green Lantern. Limited by his imagination

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Not a surprise at all – you’ve lited the facts very well!
Actually I have just launched a website that mainly deals with a combination of Batman and Entrepreneurship. It’s what I call Batreprenership (

I would be interested in hearing how you like it.
Maybe there is also a way we can find a little collaboration.

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