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You Don’t Lack Resources. You Lack Resourcefulness.


It’s easy to think about “new leads” for business development and sales. Because it’s easy to find excuses for the outside influences.

“My articles are not generating enough leads”

“I don’t know how to effectively connect with these decision makers”

“Advertising is too expensive and it didn’t work for us”

So when we believe that we lack the resources, we’re stuck.


Here’s the good news

You don’t lack any resources. Read more >

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A Simple Tool To Create Success On Your Terms


You’ve probably heard the adage that the secret of success is being in the right place at the right time. Which means, to improve your chances of success, you need to be in more places more often. That way, you can run into influential people, opportunities, and life-altering ideas just when you need them most. You couldn’t plan a more fruitful encounter than fate can provide, but you’ve got to show up for fate to do its work.

Creating a ubiquitous presence, however, can take an awful lot of time. For me, that meant going to networking events, broker caravans, and 3-hour-long open houses every Sunday morning because I’d decided to become a mortgage loan officer. The job had promised what I’d wanted in a career. I wanted freedom. I wasn’t going to be tied to a desk all day punching a time clock. I didn’t want someone dictating when I could go on vacation, or how often I could go on vacation. I wanted to be compensated for results, not tenure.

I didn’t want to sit there hoping I would get a raise. I wanted to be in a business that would keep up with inflation. So, I’d go to more meet and greets, golf tournaments, church potlucks, sporting events than you would think humanly possible. I’d visit more real estate offices in more towns; I’d collect more business cards than my pockets could hold.  

The goal, however, is not just to show up everywhere, but to make an impression. If you can differentiate yourself, turn the people you meet in to friends and clients, you can create success. Success on your terms, which means doing business the way you want, with whom you want. That’s the outcome we’re after.

Now here’s the real question: If you could do one thing that took under five minutes to do and made the biggest personal impression on someone, would you do it? If I told you that this one thing was the lynchpin to the kind of success you’re after, would you take on the task and work it like it’s your job?

I have found that the simple handwritten thank you note is the cornerstone of my business. It is the key to my success, a man with two strikes against him. This tool has allowed me to create valuable relationships, inspire loyalty, demonstrate integrity, prove that gratitude leads to abundance, set myself apart from the herd, keep me front and centre in the minds of decision makers, and add to my reputation of professionalism, consistency, dependability, and attention to detail.

That’s how you win this success game.

For the last 30 years, I have lived and breathed handwritten thank you notes.  I still write them every day because each day I meet or speak with someone over the phone whom I’m grateful to get to know. My daily practice of writing thank-you notes, of following the system I teach, has resulted in deeper relationships with my friends, co-workers, clients and business associates. It’s gotten me invited to exclusive parties and private events because people have developed a deep respect for me. They know I follow through on my commitments, and it all started with the thank you note.

This simple, effortless tool is the cornerstone of the multi-million dollar business I built funding over a billion dollars of home loans. When I taught this tool to my associates, their production doubled, and they too built deeper relationships with their referral partners and clients. The practice, the system I’ve created around the thank you note, works.

If you want to create a tribe of loyal, fun people, a handwritten thank you note is how you do it.

Send a handwritten thank you note every time you meet someone, every time you talk to them on the phone, every time you see an article that is relevant to them, each time they do something nice, or when you share a success. This practice will give you the opportunity to be more places more often and you’ll get to make more contacts in a shorter period of time.

Use the tool yourself, and watch your success grow, and the quality of your life expand. You can send me a thank you note later. I know you’ll want to.


About the author:

Steven Littlefield began orginating loans in 1986 and has since funded over one billion dollars worth of mortgages. As a certified BYS coach, he teaches mortgage loan professionals how to build an infinite pipeline of fundable loans.  Steven is also the author of The Business of Thank You to be published in April 2017. You can get in touch with Steven at

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How To Fix Your Facebook Ads That Aren’t Converting Well


When it comes to digital marketing and paid advertising methods, different online marketers have different channels that they prefer.

However, Facebook advertising remains one of the most common and highly effective mediums for digital marketing. According to a study, 92% online marketers claim to use Facebook ads for one purpose or another.

While running Facebook ads is extremely simple, achieving great results (higher conversion rates and lowest possible CPCs) may require some time, practice, and proven strategies.

Many digital marketers and online businessmen run Facebook ads with not-so-great results. If your Facebook ads are not converting as well as you’d like them to, this is the perfect blog post for you.

In this post, we discuss how to fix your Facebook ads that are not converting well so you can grow your business and revenue without wasting a lot of money on ads.


Laser Focus on Audience Targeting

Let’s get one thing clear.

Your target audience or potential customers — no matter who they are — are on Facebook. After all, approximately 1.1 billion people use Facebook daily.

The problem, however, is that digital marketers and online businessmen often fail to identify the exact group of audience they need to target.

The concept is simple. Read more >

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Choose One Thing To Be Grateful For


Each day, I wake up and I ask myself three questions: What can I do to be happy today? What can I learn today? What can I teach today?

Happiness can be elusive for us humans.  There are hundreds of books each year that address how to be happy. Happy for me is all about gratitude. When we’re in a consumptive mode, and this is the very underpinning of our society, consumption, it’s never enough, whatever it represents. We eat a pound of M&M’s, instead of just one, thinking that we’ll get more of the experience, and yet we don’t. McMansions, Biggie size my fries, 7-11 I-Never-Have-To-Leave-The-Store big gulps, bigger yachts, The Cadillac Escalade, putting in 12 hours at the office, the latest i-Phone, more dogs, more cats, more wine, more food, more sex, it’s all the same, this hope that more is more is more, but it isn’t.  It never is.

We’ve fallen into the mindset that more is better.  We’re afraid that we’re not going to get it all in; that someone will take it from us. Yet, if you look around, you can see that you have enough already, that you need no more.

What do you need right now? Are you in touch with that? What would it be like to acknowledge that you’re getting what you need, that you’re complete? What would support your sense of wholeness? Coming from that place of completeness, what more do you want?

Now, pick one thing to be grateful about.  Thank you; say it.  Read more >

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Track The Trends


Fighter pilot trainees learn early on that they don’t actually graduate from the F-16 basic program, their grade books do.  After every single flight a student accomplishes, the instructor pilot writes what is known as a grade sheet. The student then places the grade sheet into a binder known as the grade book.

In addition to documenting specific performance on that training event, the grade sheet acts as a receipt, one that proves that the student accomplished the mission requirements. Once a student successfully gathers all of his receipts, proving that he filled all the squares dictated by the syllabus, his grade book “graduates,” meaning that he can walk out the door to go to his operational, combat squadron.

The most important function of the grade sheet is to illuminate trends in a student’s performance. When flying with a new student for the first time, instructor pilots can read back through the grade sheets written by other IPs to see what the student has already accomplished, and to understand what his strengths and weaknesses are. From that information, the IP can tailor his instruction to match the needs of the student, saving time and frustration for all involved.  

In the F-16 basic course, grade books and grade sheets represent a well-entrenched system of recording data specifically for the purpose of tracking trends. Without such a system in your business or in your life, trends can’t jump off the page because there’s no page from which to jump.   Read more >

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